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Heyy! Thanks for delivering the food, it was great! I hope it's OK for me to put here but our order has accidentally come through twice and I've been charged twice for it (obviously we only received the food once as expected!). I was wondering if you could give me a refund for the second order? I've got both email confirmations and my bank statement if that helps!

Ilka Klose, 20 Apr 2021

Leave at the for

Alex, 17 Apr 2021

Ordered from here the last 5 weeks and ask for plain peri peri burger , every week comes with cheese ... read comments to restaurant .... NO CHEESE

Amanda, 17 Apr 2021

Ordered from here the last 5 weeks , every time I ask for a plain peri peri burger and every time it has cheese on it .... not great when you don’t like cheese ... please read comments to restaurant on your orders you will see NO CHEESE

Amanda, 17 Apr 2021

lovely food

Karen, 16 Apr 2021

Amazing food

Stewart, 10 Apr 2021

Top lads at Roosters

Daz, 09 Apr 2021


Natasha, 08 Apr 2021

  Reply : Love u too


Very nice, if you like a very hot pizza the fire thrower is the one, piri chicken wraps are really tasty chargrilled chicken taste, will order again ??

Amanda, 07 Apr 2021

Orderd a delivery from here for the first time the doner kebab was lovley and the salad was nice and fresh sauces were also good definetly be ordering again on time delivery as well

Wayne, 02 Apr 2021

Only place ill go to

Ryan, 31 Mar 2021

will order again

James, 28 Mar 2021

Amazing food and service all round

Dean, 27 Mar 2021

My go-to takeaway - the rooster sauce is lovely

Jess, 26 Mar 2021

Best food ever. Guys who work there are very nice and hard working, always putting customers needs first. They even let you try their food if youre indecisive about what to order, and its always delicious. Milkshakes are spot on 100%, delicious, very highly recommended take away place!!

Sandra, 25 Mar 2021

Great service,great staff,great food!!Tet the chcken and the donner twister!!!Lovely!!

Lee Harrison, 24 Mar 2021

Order at 7:45 took ages for it arrives food needs arrive bit quicker overall food nice

Kasim, 20 Mar 2021

Lovely food, burritos are incredible. Staff are lovely.

Nicky, 13 Mar 2021


Ben, 11 Mar 2021

Very nice

George, 10 Mar 2021

Very nice

George, 10 Mar 2021

Good food

Shane, 07 Mar 2021

Top take out in the area. Always fresh chicken and friendly staff. Definitely get the milkshake

Rk , 23 Feb 2021

  Reply : 21

very nice

Noname, 14 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thanks ?

Great stuff

Ed Hurst, 13 Feb 2021


Kieron, 10 Feb 2021